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This page is dedicated to my passion/hobby, Ham (Amateur) Radio.

Current Station Layout

WT2P Station – 2017


Radio 1 (Left): Elecraft KX3, KXPA100

Radio 2 (Right): ICOM IC-7300 (won at the 2016 W9DXCC Convention, thanks Icom America and NCDXF)

Other Ancillary Stuff:

  • Alpha 76PA Linear Amplifier
  • LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter with dual coupler option
  • Array Solutions Six Pack 2 radio antenna switch. SixPak switch now controlled by Green Heron Everyware wireless interface/software allowing for antenna switching from any computer (local or remote).
  • Both radios accessible via the internet (currently a private system).

Logging: DXLab for general/DX logging, N1MM+ for contest logging.


160: Sloper @ 45ft.

80/15: Inverted Vee @ 30ft.

40/20: Inverted Vee @ 45ft.

30/17/12/10: Currently using the 40/20M for 30, the 80/15M for 17/12/10.

6M: Dipole @ 25ft. (Added as of June 2017, E-W oriented)

All band/antenna combinations automatically selected by Green Heron software driving an Array Solutions 6 x 2 switch.

The SO2R Backstory

The station was redesigned in mid 2016 with a focus towards adding SO2R capability and has undergone several iterations since that period. Originally the SO2R design was all manual (audio, antenna switching) however in January 2017 I automated the audio/tx/ptt lines with the YCCC SO2R box which greatly cut down on the number of cables for audio and radio wiring. To switch from CW/SSB/RTTY no longer means I have to swap various cables out just do to each mode. Also, my audio problems are now gone as there are fewer cables to pick up interference. Originally, antenna switching was done the real old fashioned way: manually switching coax jumpers on a patch panel to move each radio to a different antenna. That was solved with the purchase of an Array Solutions SixPak switch and a manual rotary control box. However, I was inspired by the station design at K9CT to automate that piece as well and chose Green Heron Everyware for the solution. Now, each radio has all available antennas listed onscreen and can be selected with the click of a mouse. Or, if I am using N1MM logger, the correct antenna is automatically selected for each radio depending on which band that radio is on. It’s a lot more efficient and removes some aspect of “operator error” in selecting antennas, especially when you’re tired.

Previous Callsigns Held

1994-1998: N9YXA, 1997: Z2/N9YXA, 1998-2005: K9YO, 2005-Present: WT2P, 2016-Present: P40XA, P4/WT2P

Also have operated remote as W3/WT2P, W4/WT2P, W6/WT2P

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