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W9AZ Indiana QP MultiOp

Got this plaque in the mail for operating the W9AZ Perry County INQP contest. Next year will be fun as we do some work on the antennas! Thanks to K9NR and crew for the invitation to operate. I had a lot of fun operating with the crew!

WT2P 2017 Year in Review

2017 was by far my best year ever in radio, in terms of contacts made from the home station, even as we approach the bottom of the current solar cycle. This is all qso’s from the home station, it doesn’t count the qso’s made at the K9CT Contest station for …

WAE CW 2017

My 3830 summary for this contest is here I really like the QTC format of the WAE contests, especially giving them out. N1MM Logger makes it very easy.

Icom IC-7300 USB for Radio Control + FSK Keying

There’s one thing that was annoying me about the new IC-7300, and that was that the USB connection to the computer did it all: radio control, soundcard codec, PTT/CW. That’s great, and I could run AFSK RTTY. But I really wanted to do FSK RTTY. You could do it, but …

N1MM Dark Skin Themes

Before embarking on yet another weekend of radio fun in various contests, I had a dilemma of which logging program I was going to use. I like N1MM especially for the simplicity of SO2R operation, but at times the drab blue default color scheme (and the few other choices) really …

P40XA – Aruba 2016

Bonbini! I am now QRV from the P49V station located on the island of Aruba from 7/4 – 7/11 as P40XA (and P4/WT2P). The first night was mostly spent getting acquainted with the quite extensive station and learning how to use everything properly. I have begun uploading logs to Clublog …