N1MM Spectrum Monitor Replaces My Traditional Bandmaps – SO2R

I’ve been one of the first users since the Spectrum Monitor feature in N1MM came out, since initially it was designed as a test for the IC-7300 radio. Ever since then Tom, N1MM has built this tool into a very powerful interface and keeps adding new features. I’m primarily interested in SO2R contesting now, and at first I had the left radio (KX3) using a traditional bandmap that most people are familiar with and the right radio (IC-7300) using the spectrum monitor setup very similar to the bandmap.

I experimented with N2IC’s Waterfall Bandmap program for my KX3 and got it working and replaced the KX3 traditional bandmap with a Spectrum Monitor. I now have a spectrum monitor for both radios in SO2R. This small test is a question I wanted answered before the SO2R Flex 6600 lands here in the shack.

Here’s a screenshot of it in action for the 1900Z CWT contest. KX3 is on 40, 7300 is on 20 (Click for full size).

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