Dayton Hamvention 2017

Attended the Dayton Hamvention held in Dayton/Xenia, OH for the first time since 2005. It was a wonderful weekend (Thursday-Sunday) seeing many people that I had not seen at this event since I last attended, as well as meeting people in person that I talk to in most major on the air contesting event. The highlight of the weekend was the Super Suite/pizza party each night, as well as attending the Contest Dinner on Saturday. To wrap up a wonderful weekend, myself and a small group of fellow hams went down to Cincinnati to watch a Reds game and spend a bit of time at the Jack Casino afterwards. I managed to win $377 with $1 in a penny slot machine and took the money and ran!

Looking forward to seeing my friends again at Hamvention 2018!

Hope you enjoy the gallery. Some photos also provided by K9PG.

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