N1MM Dark Skin Themes

Before embarking on yet another weekend of radio fun in various contests, I had a dilemma of which logging program I was going to use. I like N1MM especially for the simplicity of SO2R operation, but at times the drab blue default color scheme (and the few other choices) really gets to me. I spend most of my workweek looking at dark things (Bloomberg terminal, command line windows, etc.) and I just like dark user interfaces. Win-Test at least in the UI customization aspect is great, but it’s quite cumbersome when it comes to SO2R compared to what I’m used to in N1MM.

So, why not revisit coming up with a dark theme of N1MM that I would enjoy looking at all weekend? That’s what I set out to do in the hours before the start of this weekend’s contests and I think I found something that works reasonably well, so I thought I’d share it with the contesting world at large.

WT2P Black colorscheme (click for full size image)


I used this colorscheme in this weekend’s BARTG RTTY contest and as well as the Russian DX Contest. I must say I like it. It is a lot easier on my eyes and information that I needed to stand out stood out quite well.

There are a few notable minor issues, which I have made note of and eventually(??) maybe they will be fixed in the N1MM codebase.

So, how do I get these themes?

You can find out more about my Skins project at my Github repository (https://github.com/chibondking/n1mmskins)  I set up (along with download links). If you have themes you would like to share, please do so! I’d like to start a repository of N1MM themes that various people use. You’ll get full credit for contributing.

I hope you enjoy.

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