P40XA – Aruba 2016


I am now QRV from the P49V station located on the island of Aruba from 7/4 – 7/11 as P40XA (and P4/WT2P).

The first night was mostly spent getting acquainted with the quite extensive station and learning how to use everything properly. I have begun uploading logs to Clublog and LoTW will follow shortly. I’ve been mostly active on CW with some SSB operation. As the week progresses, I plan to also be active on RTTY once I figure everything out.

I hope to work many of you during the IARU contest this coming weekend!

Portions of my P40XA operation were recorded and you can search to listen for your QSO by following this link and entering your callsign. Please note that this does NOT contain IARU 2016 recordings (these will be made available after the log submission deadline has passed).


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