Phone Fray – 1/13/16

This past Tuesday night was the weekly Phone Fray contest, a 30 minute SSB contest modelled after the NAQP SSB contest which also happens to be this coming weekend. I saw this as an opportunity to test out my station in preparation for this weekend’s contest and while things went quite well in terms of logging/computers, etc there’s still some work that needs to be done on the antenna system for the coming weekend.

Here’s the logbook (generated by SH5) and you can listen to your QSO with me to get a feel for how you sounded here in Northern Illinois during the contest.

With the arrival of my new MFJ antenna analyzer, I’m hoping that the necessary adjustments to get the 80/20/15M dipoles to get a less than 2.1 SWR in the phone portions of the bands will be quick and relatively painless, especially in this cold weather we are currently experiencing. Unfortunately, the parts to build a 160 sloper won’t arrive in time for the weekend so I will be without 160 for this contest.

The Phone Fray is a great way to test your station out for SSB contests and I highly recommend them. They occur every Tuesday (North America) from 0230-0300 UTC. More details/rules here

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