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This site is mostly dedicated to my passion/hobby, Ham (Amateur) Radio. I primarily focus on Contesting, however I am active in DX’ing. Primary mode of operation is CW (Morse Code) but am active in Phone and RTTY contests.

Please feel free to browse around, I also am active in drone flying and have taken a lot of pictures in various places around Chicago and beyond.

The station underwent a bit of an upgrade in late 2018/2019 and it lost a lot of weight! Now using Flexradio 6600 instead of the KX3 and IC-7300 and all the assorted outboard switching required for SO2R operation. See the old station here

Current Station Layout (2019)

Radio: Flex 6600 with Maestro. Full SO2R in one box!

Other Equipment:

  • SPE Expert 1K-FA Solid State amplifier
  • Alpha 76PA Amplifier
  • LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter with dual coupler option
  • Array Solutions Six Pack 2 radio antenna switch.
  • Green Heron Everyware wireless interface/software for antenna switching from any computer (local or remote).
  • StreamDeck programmable keypad to control various Green Heron switches
  • VA6AM High Power bandpass filters for 160, 80, 40 and 20 Meters
  • Low Band Systems 40/20/15/10 1500W Quadplexer
  • Vibroplex and Bencher BY-1 morse code paddles

Logging: DXLab for general/DX logging, N1MM+ for contest logging.


“The Antenna Room” – High Power Bandpass filters and SO2R antenna switch

160 (Winter Only): Reduced Half-Sloper, apex @ 45ft.

160-80M Receive (Winter Only):

  • NE-SW BOG (250 ft.)
  • NW-SE BOG (250 ft.)
  • E-W BOG (150 ft.)
  • N-S BOG (150 ft.)

80/15/10: Inverted V @ 30ft.

40/20: Inverted V @ 45ft.

6M: Dipole @ 15ft.

All band/antenna combinations automatically selected by Green Heron software driving the Array Solutions 6 x 2 switch.


1994-1998: N9YXA, 1998-2005: K9YO, 2005-Present: WT2P

DX Operations: 1997: Z2/N9YXA (Zimbabwe), 2016: P40XA (Aruba)

Also have operated remote as W3/WT2P, W4/WT2P, W6/WT2P

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